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How to: replace a water pump and thermostat on a 98 Nissan Frontier.

February 2nd, 2013
Water pumps

Water pumps

In this episode, we will illustrate how to go about disassembling and reassembling the water pump and thermostat housing on a 1998 Nissan Frontier. As a caveat, place emphasis on understanding the order of operation and not the actual photographs themselves. I had to use my phone camera to take most of these pictures and some were taken in reverse order during the assembly process, hence the pictures are rather crappy and the actual parts may look out of order.

water pump 101

Remove air-filter housing.

water pump 102

Loosen and swivel out of the way the metal clip.

water pump 103

Loosen second clip and remove air-intake hose with slight pushing and twisting.

water pump 104

Power steering belt exposed.

water pump 105

Loosen Power Steering belt by adjusting the idler pulley (The rusty looking part on the right-hand-side).

water pump 106

Remove power-steering belt and locate structural plate.

water pump 107

Unbolt structural plate.

water pump 108

Remove plate.

water pump 109

Power-steering assembly

water pump 110

Unbolt two bolts attached to the power-steering assembly facing the front of the vehicle.

water pump 111

Unbolt two bolts attached towards the top side of the power-steering assembly as shown.

water pump 112

You should have removed four bolts attached to the power-steering assembly thus far.

water pump 113

Swivel the hinge away from the top of the power-steering assembly.

water pump 114

Get under vehicle and identify swivel bolt securing the alternator.

water pump 115

Loosen (do not remove) alternator swing bolt to allow swivel motion.

water pump 116

Move power-steering assembly out of the way without disconnecting attached hydraulic lines.

water pump 117

Adjust tension bolts attached to alternator to relieve tension to alternator belt for removal.

water pump 118

Water pump and thermostat housing.

water pump 119

Thermostat housing exposed after removing three bolts.

water pump 120

Water pump exposed after removing fan axle.

water pump 121

Close-up of water pump and screws attaching fan.

water pump 122

Water pump removed. Slight tapping was needed to dismount the pump after the bolts were removed.

water pump 123

Run a small bead of Water pump RTV silicone to secure everything in place. Read this article backwards to reassemble the truck.

  1. pampanga housing
    February 15th, 2013 at 05:01 | #1

    nice guide
    no need to go to car house to repair it

  2. Daniel Bray
    June 11th, 2017 at 06:52 | #2

    Man this helped. Without your pictures this would have been impossible for me to do alone. Have the Chilton repair manual though not nearly the detail you provided. After many hours (and beers) it all came together flawlessly. Thanks!

  3. Chris
    August 16th, 2017 at 21:35 | #3

    I want to thank you for the time and effort you put into conceiving this how to. It helped me tremendously, I would have never have figured this out on my own. You are AWESOME! 😀

  4. October 10th, 2018 at 13:51 | #4

    How many hours should it take. I’ve got a high bill from my repair shop and trying to determmine if the labor charge makes sense.


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